Singer – The 115

Produced between 1912 and 1923, The Singer model 115 was closely related to the Singer 15 but differed in that it used a rotary hook and industrial class 20 bobbin, system instead of the oscillating hook of the 15 and class 15 bobbin. It is a straight stitch machine with no reverse, which does not really pose a problem, especially if you are quilting or doing free motion work, or thread painting.

They are most often found with the “Wings” decals shown here, although they also came with a Gingerbread decal in the United States.

At a glance the machines look identical but upon closer inspection one will see that the 115 has three holes next to the needle plate instead of two, and when you look underneath the machines look different.

Singer 115 under bed
Singer 15, under bed.

In 1906 Singer bought Wheeler and Wilson, using the proven strategy of “if you can’t beat them, buy them out” and it was from Wheeler and Wilson they acquired the proven rotary hook design of the superlative D9.

The bobbin case and bobbin from a 115, the L type bobbin has a higher capacity than a 15 and is also used in many Singer industrial machines like the 31k20 and 20U.

Singer 115 bobbin case, 20U bobbin (L type)

My beloved 115 is scruffy, worn, chipped, and bears the marks of nearly 100 years of use but still runs like a buttered kitten on glass and makes a perfect stitch. I don’t plan to change a thing save for doing a little more polishing to see if I can clean up the old clear coat, all these marks bear witness to her history and the millions of stitches she must have sewn.

She still stitches beautifully and is a wonderful machine for free motion work.

Happy sewing.

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  1. A couple years ago I was given a beautiful 115 with an early friction wheel motor but no foot pedal. Just the other day, I took the motor off and put on a hand crank. I just love this machine. She sews a beautiful stitch! I’ll keep the motor because it’s really pretty but I love that she’s more useful now.

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