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We sell and service / restore vintage sewing machines, provide a wide selection of new and vintage parts, and also service newer non computerized sewing machines. We would also like our Facebook page to serve as a resource for information where we can share tips, tricks, and a lot of images of these machines we do so adore.

A little about us:

I am a forcibly retired machinist, and former rehabilitation practitioner who has always loved sewing, and working on anything mechanical so this little shop keeps me more than busy enough with repairs, teaching, and sales. As my health limits me to part time work I try not to take on too much, and because we also do house calls, we only schedule by appointment.

My wife is “parts girl” as she has an encyclopedic memory, knows a great deal more than I do about accessories, but strangely enough, doesn’t sew very much.

We are now looking at bringing on our 18 year old daughter as another apprentice as she has mad mechanical and technical skills, a great eye for detail, and is also a talented artist. She has been turning wrenches since she was 8 years old. She also likes sewing, and is partial to hand crank machines.

Finally, our friend Ben is also a great help and works with us part time, when his schedule allows as he does have a full time day job. He’s not just a pretty face but a really skilled technician in his own right.

Pearl is our six year old Pineapple Conure, or as I like to call her, a yellow sided fluffy butt.  She works as my inspector, shop greeter, and likes to give out sewing tips at Pearl’s Corner. 

You can send us email at: keith.institches@gmail.com or find us on Facebook.

Happy sewing.

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