Machines For Sale

Unless otherwise noted, all of the machines listed have been completely serviced and tested, and are ready to start creating all kinds of wonderful projects.

Delivery in the greater Edmonton area is available for a small delivery and set up fee.

Lada (Phillip’s Badge) – Czechoslovakia – 150.00
This is a wonderful 3/4 size free arm machine that does a straight stitch / zig zag, it also comes with a nearly mint (original) carrying case that we recently acquired.
Minerva – Czechoslovakia – 120.00

Minerva 122 –  This company has been building machines for well over 100 years in Czechoslovakia, this Model 122 is a lovely straight stitch machine that uses a class 15 bobbin and 15 by 1 needle. We upgraded the old carbon pedal to a new electronic pedal and installed a new power block. It makes a beautiful straight stitch and is smooth as silk.

Singer 503J – 1961 – $175.00 cdn

Singer 503J – This machine is in exemplary condition and has been serviced and tested, this is the little sister to the 500A “Rocketeer” and does not have built in stitches but rather, uses Singer top hat cams to do the same work. I actually prefer the cleaner lines on the 503, it comes with all it’s original accessories, manual, and also has a new power lead cord and led light upgrade..

Singer 128 with Library Table – $275.00

Singer 128 – 1934 – The Library Tables are hard to find in this condition. When the machine is removed the table becomes a lovely desk. This machine is straight stitch only and it makes a really wonderful stitch.

Necchi BC – $325.00

Necchi BC – 1956 – This Necchi straight stitch machine has reverse and a drop feed for free motion work and comes in a Necchi 404 trapezoid cabinet. You will never find a Necchi in this kind of condition, and comes complete with an original manual and accessories.

Necchi BC $325.00

Necchi 404 cabinet, just stunning in it’s design and workmanship.

White Rotary $275.00

White Family Rotary – One of the nicest straight stitch machines ever made with a rotary hook, the treadle cabinet has a cable lift so lifting and storing the machine is effortless.

White Family Rotary Treadle cabinet…
Elna Automatic – $150.00

Elna Automatic – 1969 – This wonderful free arm machine has been thoroughly serviced, has a new friction drive wheel and led light, and uses Elna single cams to create additional stitches. It is a little smaller and lighter than the Supermatic, and would be suitable for travelling, the sturdy case converts into a sewing table as seen here.

Bernina 530-2 Record – Will be available in 2019

Bernina 530-2 Record – 1958 – This lovely machine is currently undergoing a full service and restoration in our workshop, the performance of these machines is simply legendary and it has all it’s original accessories, manual, and parts caddy.

Elna 62C $250.00

Elna 62C – 1972 – This is one of the finest sewing machines ever designed, and despite being over 45 years old will perform as well or better than any modern machine. It has 6 built in stitches and will use single and double cams (available as an extra) to create a staggering range of stitches. One would be hard pressed to find a quieter or smoother running machine, and with a 1 amp motor it can also handle some rather heavy work, like hemming jeans.

The stitch quality of the 62C is just stunning.

Singer 15-91 $225.00

Singer 15-91 – 1948 –The Singer 15 is a legendary sewing machine, being virtually indestructible and capable of sewing through a tin can, or sewing fine silk. It is a straight stitch machine with a drop feed, they are wonderful for free motion work like darning and quilting. The 15-91 has a gear driven motor instead of a belt drive, which gives it a very positive response and will not slip under load, and like every 15, will provide trouble free performance day after day and year after year.

Singer 15 stitch sample…
Singer 127 – 1930 – hand crank conversion – $175.00

Singer Model 127 with Memphis decals, hand crank conversion… she sews as smoothly as a buttered kitten on glass and makes a perfect straight stitch. Comes in a bentwood case w/ key and accessories and manual.

Singer 127 stitch sample…
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