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If you are interested in ordering a custom thread stand please read the article we have posted here

We maintain a large inventory of new and custom made parts to keep your vintage and antique machines running like they are new.

As we could not possibly list every item we have available, please provide us with a description and a parts / model number so we might satisfy your order.

Our supplier of new parts has a webpage that you can search, although this is not the complete inventory we have available, it can be useful for looking up part numbers and details.

Note: You cannot purchase directly.

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Sew Steady table for the Featherweight 221 and 222 – please contact us to order one.


Reproduction case for the Singer Featherweight 221 and 222. Price: $125.00 (Special order item)


Singer 221 V belt – $15.00 cdn



Singer 301 reproduction manual – $25.00 cdn


Singer 221 / 222 bobbins – $1.00 each


We carry bobbins and bobbin cases for nearly every machine made, all have been tested for quality and performance.


Singer 66 slide plate - $15.00 cdn
Singer 66 slide plate – $15.00 cdn

Missing a slide plate ? Contact us.

Low shank quilting foot – $15.00 cdn


Singer 306/319 Custom Bobbin Case – $30.00 cdn
Singer 306/319 Custom Bobbin Case – $30.00 cdn

The Singer 306 and 319 originally used a proprietary bobbin case and special needle, which is now only available by special order and in two sizes. Our custom case allows these machines to function with a standard 15 by 1 needle, and standard double needle. This has been one of our most popular items for a number of years.

Grabbit Bobbin Saver – $12.00

The Grabbit Bobbin Saver holds 20 regular bobbins securely, I love these.

Singer Slant Shank Zig Zag Foot – $5.00 

A very popular item because when you install it on a 301, it gives a perfect 1/4 inch seam allowance for quilting.

We carry a huge supply of bobbin cases and bobbins to fit most machines, please contact us and provide your model number so we can provide an exact match.



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