Sew Steady Tables

We will be putting together another group buy for the Sew Steady tables in the new year, our current order should be arriving around Christmas.

We will also be bringing in carry bags made for the table.

A deposit will be required at time of ordering.

Elna Supermatic (Our Collection)

A machine from our permanent collection, a first generation Elna Supermatic…

I love that little oil bottle.

She is actually a darker green but glows under brighter lights… using the thread stand here.

If You Build It…

Working on the site today and added a bunch of pictures to Our Collection, (there are more to come) added an article on Singer Swing Needle Machines, added some parts listings, and tidied up Pearl’s Perch among other things.

I also added a page for sewing videos… and some video.

The Gallery might blow your mind… so many machines.

Now I have to go and make thread stands… and then write an article on why you need one.

Thrift Shopping

I stopped by the thrift store today and did not come home with any machines but did pick up some fabric… some poly fleece that I think will make a few nice scarves or neck warmers, some wool broadcloth, and some jersey material.

One can never have too much fabric…

N Plus One

The perfect number of sewing machines can be represented by the formula of N plus 1, where N represents the number of machines you currently own.

Burning the Midnight Oil

Getting things sorted out and changed around, even though I should not be doing much heavy lifting.

My 1915 Singer 31k15 is getting some time in the treadle and she is such a grand old lady at 103 years old, and never misses a stitch.

And she makes such a beautiful stitch too.

Maybe the best $20.00 I ever spent on a machine… and I probably saved her from getting tossed in the recycling bin.

Finally… a website to call our own.

This has been in the works for some time and although things are a little sparse at the moment, we will be filling our pages with offerings of lovely machines and parts, articles on history and maintenance, and updates from Pearl.

We’d love your feedback as we work with this new WordPress interface.